Gym Spotlight: Hinds Combat


Hinds Combat Sports is located in Long Island City, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Queens, New York. Led by Head Coach Sean Hinds, a professional Muay Thai fighter whose been a staple of east coast Muay Thai scene for years, the gym is conveniently located a few blocks from the Court Square train station with the E, G, M, 7 subway lines.

About 3,000 square feet featuring lockers rooms, showers, weightlifting area, and plenty of mat space, Hinds has all the traditional Muay Thai equipment and heavy bags that you need to train the sport. Coaches include veterans of the sport Remi Singh, Jayh Rodriguez, Andrew Rivera, and Stephanie Walmet. In addition to Muay Thai, they also boast a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program led by Kyle Shaw and Jeffrey Chu.

Hinds is open 7 days a week featuring classes at 7am, noon, and evening classes. Coach Sean runs a traditional program that includes days for sparring and clinching, and lots of conditioning and padwork.

Quick Facts:

Head Coach: Sean Hinds
Price: $169 for One Muay Thai or BJJ // $189 for All Access // $30 Drop In
Contracts: No
Showers: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Weight Room: Yes